Learn more about our Re-Use Program

What is the Re-Use Program?

It is a unique program which enables us to collect your old 100% polyester swimsuits to reintroduce them into the recycling system, in order to produce new swimsuits.

How does it work?

Since March 2020, you can drop off your old 100% polyester swimsuits at our stores or send them to us, either they are GILI’S or not.
You will get 15% off on your next purchase.

What are the conditions?

Your swimwear has to be made of 100% polyester, no matter the brand… and that’s it!

How can I drop off my swimwear? 

If you are in Paris or La Baule, come to our store to drop off your swimsuit, and get 15% off immediatly on your purchase.
Otherwise, you just have to send your swimsuit to the following adress. Don’t forget to give us your email adress so we’ll can send you your coupon code.
Then, you’ll can use this voucher* on our website.

Boutique GILI’S
103 rue vieille du Temple
75003 Paris

*The voucher can not be combined with any other promotions.