Our ecological and social commitment

ecological and social commitment

At GILI’S, we like to put meaning into what we do. From the choices of our fabrics to the recycling of your swimwear, and following through in the manufacturing process, we always consider and improve the green and social impact of our activities. Since we do it for you and with you, we offer transparency about our commitments in 6 points.

Locally sources raw materials

Protecting the seas and the oceans, at GILI’S it’s obvious. Our swimwear is an invitation to immerse yourself in nature by drawing its strength from it, without weakening it. This is why we create items in small quantities that last a long time and whose materials are 100 % European sourced. For the sourcing of our raw materials, we rely on short transport distances from within Spain – Portugal – Morocco. This supports the livelihoods of our neighbors and keeps emissions from transportation of our inputs to a minimum.   This results in positive impacts to people and the planet.

Eco-responsible materials

At one with the world around it, GILI’S is even more committed in 2020. How? By focusing on an innovative material, which is the result of several years of research: recycled polyester fibers. Originating from plastic bottles and old polyester clothing. They are 80% less energy consuming, and its production emits 70% less carbon dioxide than ordinary. Faced with the extent of ocean pollution we wanted to take concrete action. An eco-commitment which meets our requirements: a material which is extra resistant to salt, chlorine, sun and sea, whic h dries faster than ever and has lasting colors through all the washing.   To achieve the same technical qualities as our previous fabrics while changing the material, it took us several years of testing and research, but we got there! And, we have switched over the majority of our range of swimwear to be made of recycled polyester, not only a small collection. And because your well-being is as well our priority, we are super proud to hear that you feel good in our swimwear.

A part of our ready-to-wear collection in organic cotton

The one that respects skin and the planet at the same time. Quality organic cotton selected with common sense and high standards. The one that gives our ready-to-wear line even more quality and that also covers moments out of the water, the family walks and the summer evenings.

cotton bio

A green packaging

Because the packaging of what you wear and what we offer causes harm to the planet you love, at GILI’S we pay attention to the way we package your swimwear, your accessories and your lovely ready-to-wear items. To this end, we have change our classic plastic packaging for packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials. And since we love green challenges, we have set for ourselves the goal to reduce our packaging in the coming years.

reduce packaging

Recycled swimwear

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world with 80% of the clothing items (very often which can still be worn) ending up as household waste. For us, it is of utmost importance to act better. And because we are excited that our initiatives involve you, we are launching a new recycling program : the “Re-Use Program”. With this unique program we collect your former polyester swimwear and recycle the materials to produce brand new swimwear. Starting in March 2020, you can leave your old polyester swimwear in our stores or resend them by mail whether they are from GILI’S or not. They will be recycled and you will receive a 15% discount on your next purchase. The circle is complete and the oceans are better protected.

Join sustainable fashion

Colorie ma vie & You

Because our travels are at the origin of GILI’S we really wanted to support a mission with heart. It was in Madagascar that we came across Françoise’s path. A committed woman and mother of heart to 42 orphaned children in Madagascar, she has acted every day to offer a second chance to this extraordinary family, before passing the torch to one of the first orphan girls accompanied in the project. It is therefore with pleasure that we participate in this human mission by supporting the children to learn how to swim. The opportunity to help them to dive into their new lives without fear, and introduce them to the pleasure of swimming. On a daily basis we commit ourselves as a sponsor to finance a part of the needs and care of these children, and to offer them for Christmas, a present that warms up the heart.  Because nothing is more important than a child that is happy. On top of your purchases which are a source of donation for Colour my life, you can add 5 € to participate even more to this important mission.